Posted by: kklist | March 24, 2015

This Week in Ethics

Welcome back! I hope you all had great breaks.

We’ll continue to discuss Diversity this week, beginning with the assigned articles. Please add one more—this one from the most recent edition of Columbia Journalism Review: “Why digital media and identity issues are a match.” You can view it here.

Your analyses of the Rolling Stone rape article are due in class. This is a big week for the story, as indicated by Poynter this morning:

“The Charlottesville Police Department will reveal Monday the results of its investigation into the alleged sexual assault of a University of Virginia student reported in Rolling Stone’s now-disputed article, “A Rape on Campus.” (USA Today) | The alleged gang rape was a focal point of Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s Nov. 19 article, “A Rape On Campus,” but crucial parts of the assault have since been called into question. (The Washington Post) | After Erdely’s story came under suspicion, Rolling Stone asked the Columbia University School of Journalism to conduct an investigation. Results from that inquiry will be published in Rolling Stone within “the next couple of weeks,” according to Will Dana, managing editor of the magazine. (The New York Times)”

From Poynter at 4:48 today: “Charlottesville police find ‘no evidence’ to support rape allegations in Rolling Stone article.”

So we have a lot going on this week—and I look forward to talking about all of it with you!




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