Posted by: kklist | October 20, 2015

This Week and Next in Ethics

Hiya Ethics!

I hope you’ve made a good start on your Accuracy/Fairness/Sources assignment on the Rolling Stone rape story. We’ll continue working on these issues this week.

Tuesday, Oct. 20: The elusive Rebecca Everett from the Hamp Gazette will be in class to talk about her coverage of the UMass gang rape trials. Bring your handout on the legal/ethical issues involved in rape coverage (attached again below), which we’ll use as a guide for our discussion. I’ll also give you a short assignment for Thursday that looks at these same issues and that will help focus your thinking for your larger analysis.

Thursday, Oct. 22: We’ll move up our discussion of Source/Reporter Relationships so you’ll have that material to use in your Rolling Stone analysis as well. Please do that reading for today.

Tuesday, Oct. 27: Read on Diversity, and we’ll start that discussion today.

Thursday, Oct. 29: We’ll tie up all of these topics and start discussing your Final Interview Assignment.

Tuesday, Nov. 3: Your Rolling Stone analysis is due in class. We’ll begin our discussion of Conflicts of Interest so please do that reading.

This is all great material, and I look forward to talking with you about it!



Rape Coverage Guidelines


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