Posted by: kklist | October 29, 2015

Funding Women-Run Media

Hiya Ethics,

I found this piece on funding women’s media start-ups in today’s Columbia Journalism Review online. The Establishment, a digital publication aimed at supporting an array of women and minority voices, launched this morning, with $1 million in funding, all from Shauna Stark, a former executive at Intel.

This CJR piece cites some of the studies we talked about in class today. Here are a few grafs:

If The Establishment is any indication, that new face could mean more women on the masthead and more minority voices, backed by a diversity of revenue streams. In September, the startup landed Ijeoma Oluo, a prominent writer and race activist on Twitter, as one of its staff writers, and it is establishing content-sharing partnerships with other female-led media startups, including Dame and Bitch. In addition to advertising, grants, and sponsorships, the site plans to monetize through live events that can tap into an upswell of feminist media voices.

“I think it’s important that we support each other vis-à-vis visibility,” [Establishment founder Kelley] Calkins says, speaking of pooling resources with other women-run companies. “At a time when media is so dominated by men”—a recent study by the Women’s Media Center found that men had 63.4% of bylines—“a lot of stories don’t get told [if they] don’t resonate with the editor. We’re just trying to tip the scales, make it a little bit more even.”

Sounds like some good news!




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