Posted by: kklist | November 12, 2015

Matt Vautour Interview

Hiya Ethics!

You did a great job with Matt in class this morning! With the addition of a few questions about Privacy at the end, you would have had all the necessary material for an A interview. I hope this helps you in a significant way as you set out to have your own conversations with working journalists. Please send me your ideas about interview subjects asap so I can approve them.

As always, I’m so pleased with the work you’re doing. Your Conflict of Interest exercises are ready to come back to you, but I wanted to save them for Tuesday when we can discuss them. Most of you picked up from our class discussions and your readings that the answer to many of the questions is NO. 🙂 We’ll talk about that and about involving yourselves in stories (Fitts/Pring on your reading list and the Poynter piece distributed in class), and we’ll also make a start on Privacy so you can feel confident scheduling your interviews.

Matt sent me his story on the football coach this morning. This illustrates that it’s possible to cover all the interview’s assigned topics by talking about one big story. The other option is to talk about many stories.




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