Posted by: kklist | December 3, 2015

Photo Assignment!

Hiya Ethics!

I have a few more things to say about your Photo readings, which I can’t get to now until Tuesday.  Please be sure you’ve done those readings before you tackle the assignment (see link below).  The readings focus on the importance of using graphic photos in certain newsworthy situations where the photo has a significant purpose.  From “Too Graphic?” by Arielle Emmett:

“Haiti’s nightmare was beyond anyone’s imagining.  ‘You could write a million times that there are 100,000 people dead in the streets,” [award-winning photographer Patrick] Farrell says.  ‘But if you don’t see it for yourself, or in pictures, you won’t believe it.  It just won’t register.’”

I’m emailing you the assignment because I want you to see the photos in color.  Some are graphic.  Remember that it’s our job to look—and to make sure that others look as well.  There are 20 questions, each requiring a short response of a line or two.  Please type your responses and bring them to class on Tuesday.

Next week we’ll finish discussing Photo ethics and talk about your interviews.  And there will be huge doughnuts from Atkins!



Photo Handout (for assignment)


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