Posted by: kklist | December 7, 2015

Tuesday’s Assignment Plus SB Coverage

Hiya Ethics,

The New York Times today ran a front-page editorial supporting gun control—the first editorial published on the front page since 1920.

Here is the Times report today on the media’s reporting from inside the San Bernardino apartment: “Landlord Lets Reporters into Suspects’ Home.”

“As images spread on television and the Internet, concerns were raised about whether the free-for-all at the house jeopardized the integrity of a site that had just been handled as a crime scene. Some commentators criticized the exploration of the contents of a private home as invasion.

On MSNBC . . . the reporter on the scene displayed photographs. ‘Let’s not show the child, Kerry,’ the anchor, Andrea Mitchell, told the reporter, Kerry Sanders. ‘Let’s cut away from that.’ The network later apologized, saying it ‘should not have been aired without review.’”

We’ll discuss this on Tuesday. I emailed you your photo assignment on Thursday, but here it is again: Photo Handout (for assignment)




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