Posted by: kklist | January 29, 2016

Ethics Next Week

Hiya Ethics,

Check this.  Journalists at the Middletown (CT) Press will no longer have an office.  The press release says:  “The newspaper and website aren’t going anywhere.”  Right.  Because they have no where to go.  Reporters “will mostly be working in the communities they cover.”  Translation: You can find them in the food court at the mall.


On Tuesday, we’ll begin our discussion of Accuracy.  Please pull one quote from each of your nine readings (Chs. 1, 2 and 10 in your text, pages 9-17 in the NPR Handbook and five articles, all listed in your calendar).  We’ll talk about the readings, and on Thursday, I’ll give you a brief introduction to the anti-heroes on whom we’ll focus our first project.  That assignment (attached below) will be due on Tuesday, Feb. 9.

Please look at the nine journalists listed in the assignment (Accuracy Team Presentations) and let me know if there is anyone in particular you’d like to research.  I’ll email you with your assignments on Sunday.


Have a great weekend!




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