Posted by: kklist | February 2, 2016


Hiya Ethics,

This is from the email I sent you last Thursday (Jan. 28th):

On Tuesday, we’ll begin our discussion of Accuracy.  Please pull one quote from each of your nine readings (Chs. 1, 2 and 10 in your text, pages 9-17 in the NPR Handbook and five articles, all listed in your calendar).”

As discussed in class, add a few lines of commentary, explaining why you selected this particular quote—and bring it to class.

From the syllabus:  “[A]ll assignments should be well written, carefully edited, typed and double-spaced.  Don’t submit hand written work or email me assignments without checking with me first.”

Thank you to those of you who turned in the assignment.  The rest of you should email it to me at some point today, and we’ll use the quotes as the basis for our discussion again on Thursday.

Also, please read the Accuracy assignment carefully and contact your partner so you can begin researching and planning your presentation. That’s our first topic of discussion in our next class.



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