Posted by: kklist | January 25, 2017

Today’s News

Good Morning, Ethics!

Stephanie asked yesterday why the media don’t refer to President Trumps “inaccuracies” as “lies.” So this story in today’s Times caught my attention:“Trump Won’t Back Down From His Voting Fraud Lie. Here Are the Facts.”

We also talked yesterday about the importance of being WATCHDOGS, not LAPDOGS.  And this piece on Trump’s shutting down communication from federal agencies explains why we’ll have to work harder to make that happen. The Administration has sent “memos telling employees not to send out news releases or to create social media posts, blog entries or official website content, and to consult with senior officials before speaking to the news media.”

The Twitter posts of the social media division of the Badlands National Park broadcasting the threat of climate change became something of a cause célèbre on the left before they disappeared from the platform on Tuesday.

Some people enjoyed the story of the Badlands being bad.  Others say this is standard practice as new administrations get organized.  The question is: will these communication bans become permanent?

Finally, I’ve sent this Times column on the First Amendment to the Law class, but what happens in relation to press freedom is so relevant to all of us.  So please take a look if you have time.

See you Thursday!



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