Posted by: kklist | February 4, 2017

Accuracy Should Trump Speed

Hiya Ethics,

This is from Columbia Journalism Review today—more examples of bad reporting, which is an even bigger concern than fake news:

“Just after 3 p.m. [Wednesday], Washington reporters notified their Twitter followers that Donald Trump had left the White House aboard Marine One headed for an undisclosed location. The response varied from wild speculation to what’s become a standard refrain: “This is not normal.” Minutes later, further reports emerged. The president and his daughter were going to Dover Air Force Base to honor the return of the US Navy Seal killed in battle in Yemen.

An hour earlier, a Fox affiliate in Detroit retracted a story in which a man claimed his mother died in Iraq after being barred from returning to the United States because of Trump’s executive order. The man’s mother had, in fact, died in Iraq days before the ban was instituted.

These stories showcase the danger in prioritizing speed over accuracy and a juicy story over diligent reporting.”

As we start our discussion of Accuracy on Tuesday, we’ll talk first about fake news, so please look carefully at the first three articles on that topic. We’ll also talk about the most infamous plagiarizers and fabulists over the past several decades.

Happy weekend!




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