Posted by: kklist | March 3, 2017

Good Morning Ethics!

Here is our plan for the next few weeks:

Monday, March 6: S.P. Sullivan from will speak from 11:15-12:30 in the Journalism Hub about his recent piece on abuse of women in a New Jersey prison. Read “Locked Up, Fighting Back” here.

This is a joint presentation for Raz’s and our Ethics classes. Check in with me before the speech and pick up a response paper for Tuesday’s class for credit. There will be pizza!

If you cannot attend this speech, you’ll have another similar opportunity after break.

Tuesday, March 7: We’ll continue to discuss rape coverage and move into Sources. Be sure to have read the Source/Reporter Relationships readings on your syllabus. Short rape story analysis is due.

Thursday, March 9: No class. Happy Spring Break!

Tuesday, March 21: Diversity! Make sure to have done all of the readings on the syllabus.

Tuesday, March 23: Diversity discussion continues. Fairness assignment is due. Please note this second major assignment was distributed in class on Thursday—three weeks before its due date. Click here so you’ll have all of the links. Be sure to follow the directions carefully.

Hope to see you Monday!





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