Posted by: kklist | March 24, 2017

Next Two Weeks in Ethics

Welcome Back Ethics!

Here is a calendar for the next two weeks. I’ll also bring hard copies to class.

Thursday, March 23, class will meet at 4 p.m. in the Journalism Hub where we’ll talk with editors from Mongabay. Plan to hand me your Fairness/Sources assignment at the event.
Before Thursday, check out the website and its mission statement:
“Mongabay seeks to raise interest in and appreciation of nature and wildlife, while examining the impact of emerging trends in climate, technology, economics, and finance on conservation and development.”
I’ve asked the editors to talk about the ethical issues they face in their work including those listed below.
FAIRNESS: How do you achieve fair coverage when you’re reporting on policies/events with which—given your environmental focus—you disagree?
SOURCES: How would you describe most of your sources? What difficulties do you have in working with them? Do you ever have to use anonymous sources?
DIVERSITY: How diverse is the Mongabay staff? Do you think about issues of diversity in terms of your coverage?
CONFLICTS OF INTEREST: Given your personal beliefs and what I’m guessing is a pretty wide variety of sources, do you experience conflicts? How do you manage them?
PRIVACY: Have you been in the position of having to be concerned about people’s privacy? Sources or populations with whom you’re dealing?

ACCESS: Clearly, you’ll be getting less access to government information. What does that mean for you? How can you work around it?

Tuesday, March 28th: Bring your notes on each of these topics to class so we can discuss them. We’ll also finish our Diversity discussion, focusing on solutions to making the media more representative. And we’ll do more in-class work on problems with reporting that stem, in part, from lack of diversity.
Thursday, March 30th: Conflicts of Interest. Do the reading!
See you this afternoon!




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