Posted by: kklist | April 11, 2017

Weekend Update on Tuesday and More!

Good Morning, Ethics!

This is a reminder that Jose Antonio Vargas will speak at 4 Tuesday in the Student Union Ballroom. A second option for you is a live Amherst Wire interview at 11:30 Tuesday in the Journalism Hub.

Remember that you’re writing a one-page (minimum) description of Vargas’s ethical approach to his work, based on one of these two talks. That’s due in class on Thursday.

We’ve been fortunate this semester to listen to so many interesting journalists: S.P. Sullivan, the Mongabay editors, now Vargas and next week, Matt Vautour. As I think about reporting today, I also want to recommend the work of Maggie Haberman, who covers the Trump White House for the Times. She’s also a CNN political analyst.

Haberman has been a reporter in New York who’s covered Trump for several decades, and her access to the President and those sources around him now is nothing short of amazing. Most of her sources, of course, have to be quoted anonymously, as in today’s story on the Bannon-Kushner battle for influence. Many of her stories are front page.

This CNN Media story describes Haberman as tough, but fair—the reporter who always asks the hard questions, but the one whom Trump needs. Many reporters trade their credibility for access, but she has not. And she always buys her own lunch!

Check out Maggie below, and see you Tuesday!



From the CNN piece:

There may be no reporter Trump respects, and fears, more than Haberman. He may bash and beat up on the Times, and her, but he inevitably returns to her to share his thinking and participate in interviews. He does so because, in addition to having known her for so long, he knows that she matters, that she will not treat him with kid gloves but not be unfair either, that she commands the respect of the political communities in both Washington and New York.

“She was made for this moment,” said [BuzzFeed editor Ben] Smith. “She has a better handle on the most important story in the world, which is Donald Trump, than any other reporter.”


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