Posted by: kklist | April 21, 2017

Ethics Interviews!

Hiya Ethics,

You did a good interview with Matt today. If you look at your assignment, you’ll see that you covered all of the bases. You got good material on diversity (we should have pushed him on examples of his getting “different perspectives”), privacy (great Derek Gordon material) and conflicts of interest (don’t play poker with your sources!).

As he talked about the Charlie Molnar story toward the end of class, he got into some great material on fairness (how he got Molnar’s side of the story) and sources (anonymous, two independent sources, etc.).

You also had info about his background and social media use, so if you wrote this well, you’d have all the ingredients for an A paper.

If you don’t have an approved topic, you need one asap. If you talked to me after class, email me your interviewees names and where they work so I can get them on my list.

I’m looking forward to class next week when we’ll talk more about “objectivity,” privacy, photojournalism and deception.

Let me know if you have questions!




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